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Mark Santora

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I have been editing for over fifteen years specializing in Theatrical Trailers, Television Spots, and Videogame Trailers and Videos.

I have worked for some of the most prestigious companies in the field including Mark Woollen & Associates, mOcean, Petrol Advertising, G-Net, and the Ayzenberg Group..

I love what I do and it shows in every piece I cut.

personal info
  • Name : Mark Santora
  • Age : Old Enough to know better
  • Phone : (818) 970-3437
  • Email : mark@marksantora.com
  • Address : Los Angeles, CA
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Work Experience Highlights
2016 / Mar 2019 / Apr


Outpost Media

Disney's Aladdin - Social Spots

The Incredibles 2 - Social Spots

Hell or High Water - Trailer

The Hitman's Bodygaurd - TV Spots

The Hummingbird Project - TV Spots

Criminal - Trailer

Gold - Trailer

additional projects

2014 / Dec 2015 / Oct


Big Boss Creative

Marvel's Antman - TV Spots

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 - TV Spots

Voltron Announcment Trailer

Disney's Aladdin - TV Spots

Disney's 101 Dalmations - TV Spots

additional projects

2015 / Aug 2016 / Mar


Ayzenberg Group

Rockband 4 - Trailers, TV Spots, & Viral Spots

Microsoft Hololens - Trimble Trailer

additional projects

2014 / Feb 2014 / Apr


Open Road Entertainment

Draft Day - Trailer and TV Spots

Ivan Reitman Lifetime Acheivement Award

Under The Dome Season 2

additional projects

2013 / Jan 2014 / May



The World's End - Theatrical Trailer

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - TV Spots

21 & Over - TV Spots

Planes Fire & Rescue - TV Spots

additional projects

2010 / Jul 2011 / Oct


G-Net Media

Mafia 2 - Trailer

The Adventures of Tinin - Trailer

Bulletstorm - Trailer & Viral

City of Heroes - Trailer

additional projects

2007 / Mar 2009 / July

Senior Editor

Petrol Advertising

UFC Undisputed 2009 - Trailer

Saint's Row 2 - Trailer

Ghostbusters The Videogame - Trailer

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe - Trailer

God of War 2 - Trailer

additional projects

2003 / Oct 2007 / Jan


Mark Woollen & Associates

Crash - Theatrical Trailer & TV Spots

Little Children - TV Spots

The Weather Man - Trailer & TV Spots

Dave Chappelle's Block Party - Trailer & TV Spots

March of the Penguins - Trailer & TV Spots

House of Wax - TV Spots

Garden State - TV Spots

Dust to Glory - TV Spots

additional projects

My education

University of Miami

Miami, FL

Motion Pictures Major, BSC

Creative Writing, BA



Hollywood, CA

Avid Training

After Effects Training

Areas of Expertise


Full Editing System Available

Avid Media Composer

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere

Avid Unity


Operating Systems

Apple Macintosh OSX

Microsoft Windows

Linux (basic knowledge)

Additional Software

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe After Effects (basic knowledge)

Microsoft Office


my Works

Theatrical Trailers
Theatrical Television Spots
Television Spots
Videogame Trailers

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